/kəˈlaɪdəziəm/ [kuh-lie-doe-si-um]


A chemical element with symbol Kal and atomic number φ. It is the element of beautiful forms.

Greetings <3

My name is Dania Rifki [She/Her], though my username is Kaleidosium (alternatively AtomicNumberPhi on some platforms). I'm a gal with origins in Jakarta, Indonesia. I mainly do computer science-related work, though I have an interest in basically everything about the world.

This is my little personal website; It is where I write thoughts that cannot fit in microblogging platforms, list and showoff my original characters, aggregate links to my profiles on other websites, et cetera.

That should be it for this short introduction, be well fellow netizen~

Links and Contact

You may e-mail me on atomicnumberphi[at]gmail[dot]com!